As Many Reps As Possible. The inspiration behind this project came after training hard with some of the athletes on the shortfilm and knowing the deep stories of their lives.
Each one with a unique background, but all of them finding a peaceful oasis in sports and also expressing that the most fun, addictive and frustrating situation at the same time in this world, is the fact that nobody sees the extremely hard work that must be done to reach an specific goal.
That's why I decided to honor that work that remains under the rocks, without receiving any credit, but wich is the foundation of any success.
For them, without a doubt, it is a path that is just beginning, with many acmes and obstacles to overcome.
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  • Directed by Ernesto Abrego
  • Cinematographer - Eduardo rosal
  • Production - Jeremy Poroj, Renatto Abrego, Sebastaian Azurdia,
  • Edit/Sound/Color - Ernesto Abrego
  • Music by The Heavy


  • Maria Micheo
  • Pablo Zometa
  • Adrian Bautista
  • Mariano ZeceƱa
  • Katy & Marcela Garcia
Ernesto Abrego - AMRAP
Ernesto Abrego - AMRAP
Ernesto Abrego - AMRAP