Directed by Jesse Allan and Ernesto Abrego Throughout our lives we pass through deserts that dry our hearts, minds and bodies, trails that make us breathe and reflect on where we are standing and where we are going, lagoons that refresh us and make us appreciate what has always been there, by our side, mountains that teach us to be strong for ours and continue towards what we want.
In this film we look forward to represent the seek of paths troughout our lives. This is a wonderful and amazing project that was filmed in the jungle and landscapes of the unique department of Petén, Guatemala. We wish to show the multiculturality of the country through incredible, strong and most importantly, happy people.

  • Director: Jesse Allan and Ernesto Abrego
  • Production Company: Meatspace
  • Editor / Color Grade: Ernesto Abrego
  • Sound Design & Mix: Ernesto Abrego
  • Aerials: Eddie Lopez
  • Poem (k´iche´) & VO: Humberto ak abal

Ernesto Abrego - BINEM
Ernesto Abrego - BINEM
Ernesto Abrego - BINEM