After almost three years of work, i'm so excited to show the world a real story so close to my heart. Film, sport and my culture are embodied in this piece.
Xejuyup is Guatemalan soccer team who seeks to preserve the Mayan culture of its ancestors in the middle of a flexible society. The team members live in a town called Nahualá, located behind Lake Atitlán, which is surrounded by a volcanic chain.
The meaning of the traditional mayan garments they wear is, Air, Water, Earth and Fire, which can be seen when you are in the area. They use these natural elements for the development of the whole community.
The directors also seek the inclusion of women in sports and culture, so they started training girls with the aim of giving them a voice in their lifes.
I hope this film will inspire many people to leave a positive legacy for those around them.

  • Written & Directed by - Ernesto Abrego
  • Production Company - Arca
  • Producer - Ernesto Abrego
  • DOP - Raul Serpas/Ernesto Abrego
  • Production Coordinator - Bryan Fellows
  • 1st AD - Juan H. Zuluaga
  • PA- Renatto Abrego, Jose Figueroa
  • PA - Daniel Reyes, Fernando Hernández
  • Aerials- Jose Figueroa
  • Art-directors - Berta Abrego, Elliot Morales
  • Gaffers - Carlos Vasquez (Koala) Vicente Paniagua
  • Runner- Harold Núñez
  • Edit/Color- Ernesto Abrego
  • Sound Designer- Christian Stropko
  • Music by- Origamibiro
  • Transportation - Billy Bauer
  • Casting - Paola Hernández

Soccer players

  • Miguel Perechu
  • Antonio Perechu
  • Enrique Salanic
  • Estuardo Aldana
  • Daniel Aldana

special thanks

  • Deportivo Xejuyup
  • CDAG - Rodrigo Lechuga
  • Fam. Aldana
  • Fam. Morales
  • Bryan Antón
  • Mariano Zeceña
  • Libertad & Carlos Orozco
  • Carlos Méndez
  • Mildred & Zafiro Duque
  • Alicia Simón
  • Rental House GT/ESL/USA - Onset Rental, Unity Rentals, DC Camera
Ernesto Abrego - ECHEB'AL
Ernesto Abrego - ECHEB'AL
Ernesto Abrego - ECHEB'AL