A Birth Of Love

A Birth of Love is a little portrait of two new souls throbbing the rhythm of
the first love, that weave when they discover themselves strangers but
destined, with their movements surrenders to their light and darkness.
This is a wonderful and amazing project filmed in Guatemalan locations
(castle / house) that embody love stories in their historical context.

  • Dancers: Victor Ellington / Paulina del Valle
  • Director of Photography: Ernesto Abrego
  • Producers: Paula Recinos / Ernesto Abrego
  • 1st AC: Kchorro
  • 2nd AC: Angel Santizo
  • Steadicam: Roberto de Leon
  • Gaffer: Joel Tala / Charlie Guitierrez
  • Costume Designer: Paula recinos
  • Assistant Director: AndrĂ© Melgar

Music: "Love More" By Daniel Hart


  • Editor: Ernesto Abrego
  • Colorist: Diego Reina
  • Sound Designer: Carlos Morales

Special thanks

  • Badalamenti Films
  • Berta Abrego
  • New Vision
  • Jesse Allan
Ernesto Abrego - A Birth Of Love
Ernesto Abrego - A Birth Of Love
Ernesto Abrego - A Birth Of Love